First Steps to Success

At ABS, our Kindergarten Program provides the foundational building blocks to support the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of early learners. Our students engage in rich and varied learning experiences in a safe and positive atmosphere. Through instructional play, they investigate, plan, create and learn with and from both the teacher and their peers. Our program is a 3 tiered approach beginning with Pre-K and concluding in KG2. While entry can be made at any point, we strongly encourage you to start your child’s educational experience in Pre-K.

What we Teach

Learning requires social interaction and instructional play enable early learners to practice and refine the knowledge and skills they learn during teacher directed lessons and activities. As students also learn with and from each other, play also teaches leadership and problem-solving skills along with cooperation and collaboration strategies.


Learning centers are an integral part of the Kindergarten Program as they provide both play and learning opportunities. Our centers are designed to support the lessons taught and each center has a range of activities and expectations to accommodate the learning needs of all students. They are usually designed to accommodate small groups but may also be designed for individual learning as well. While some will involve imaginative play and others support instructional practice, all centers enable students to develop their oral language skills.

L-E-P methodology at ABS




Our Approach towards Early Learning








Pre-K Program AT ABS

Studies show that early literacy acquisition is essential as it inspires confidence and instills a love of learning. At ABS, our Pre-K program has a strong oral component to enable our students to speak in both English and Arabic. Singing songs, listening to stories and poems, and chiming in with chants and rhymes are just some of the activities to support oral language acquisition. Students also use drama, drawing and crafting to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. Indoor and outdoor play activities provide opportunities to build and strengthen both muscles and bones. Working with both teachers and peers helps to teach the essential social skills that are critical for success. Becoming familiar with school, learning about the world, making friends, feeling a sense of belonging and preparation for KG1 are just a few of the benefits your child will receive at ABS.

KG1 to KG2 Program

At ABS, we follow the American Common Core curriculum as it is a two year developmental program that enables students to solidify the essential skills required for academic success. Both KG1 and KG2 place an emphasis on instructional play to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding. The focus of the KG1 program is on learning the basic sounds and symbols required to communicate orally and to read and write simple words. Students express themselves mostly through drawing and often letters represent their thinking. As students move through KG1 and into KG2, they soon begin writing words and putting words into sentences and sentences into stories. By the end of KG2, our students have acquired the reading, writing, speaking and math skills needed for a successful entry into Grade 1.

Our goals

Providing an enriched literacy goals to support English language program speaking, reading and writing

Engaging students     in whole and small group activities that support individual needs needs

Providing the necessary foundational skills for life long learning.

Creating engaging and fun activities that inspire imagination, creativity and curiosity

Supporting students as they develop self-esteem and confidence

Graduating students with the early reading, writing, speaking and math skills needed for success.

At Aspire Bilingual School, we incorporate daily physical fitness and art activities to help develop fine and gross motor coordination. Running, jumping, throwing, cutting, pasting and writing are just a few of the ways to help our students stay healthy and active while singing and rhyming activities help to manipulate sounds and develop memory skills.



An essential component of the Kindergarten Program at ABS is the development of literacy skills as communication is paramount to success. In PreK students learn and practice oral and simple written language skills through short instructional language sessions followed by play centres. While our KG1 - Grade 1 students receive a daily minimum of 90 minutes of dedicated English language instruction to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, they practice and refine these skills throughout the day in all other subjects. Units of instruction are developed using the Common Core ELA standards and delivered using a balanced literacy approach.


Receive direct instruction using modelled, shared and guided reading and practice independent reading daily

Develop skills and strategies to comprehend both fiction and non-fiction across all areas of study

Engage in daily writing activities and receive on-going feedback to support understanding and improvement

Receive direct instruction using modelled and shared writing and practice writing strategies during independent writing

Communicate their ideas and opinions using forms and formats appropriate for the assignment

Express their ideas and opinions using standard English

Actively participate in class discussions by taking turns

Engage in accountable talk using active listening and speaking strategies

Develop basic counting, adding and subtracting

Solve simple mathematical problems

Create and read tally sheets and pictographs

Recognize, draw and name basics 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.