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Providing the Best Kindergarten Experience

At Aspire Bilingual School, our Kindergarten provides the foundational building blocks to support the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of early learners. Our students engage in rich and varied learning experiences in a safe and positive atmosphere. English instruction is the mainstay of our day and is delivered in a literacy block that incorporates listening, speaking, and drawing along with early reading and writing skills.

Our program is a 3-year continuum starting with the Early Years and finishing in KG2. While entry can be made at any stage, we strongly encourage starting our school in the Early Years to get the maximum benefit of the early childhood educational program we offer.

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Early Years at Kindergarten

While literacy and numeracy skill development play a large role throughout the day, we are also committed to teaching the essential social-emotional skills that are critical for success.

Socializing with peers enables young children to experience friendship, learn to share and take turns and engage in creative play. At ABSK our Early Years Program engages students in a variety of activities throughout the morning to foster social and emotional competencies.

KG1 to KG2

Both KG1 and KG2 place an emphasis on instructional play to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

We incorporate daily physical fitness and art activities to help develop fine and gross motor coordination. Running, jumping, throwing, cutting, pasting and writing are just a few of the ways to help our students stay healthy and active while singing and rhyming activities help to manipulate sounds and develop memory skills. The focus of KG1 is on learning the basic sounds and symbols required to communicate orally and to read and write a few simple words.

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Play-Based Learning

Kindergarten should be a place of exploration and imagination. We integrate play into our curriculum, fostering creativity and a love for learning.


Engaging Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to be engaging and interactive, with a focus on hands-on activities and experiential learning.


Highly Qualified Educators

Our dedicated teachers are not just educators, they are mentors, guides, and supporters who are passionate about early childhood education.


Small Class Sizes

We maintain small class sizes to ensure that each child receives the attention they deserve, fostering meaningful teacher-student relationships.

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Why Choose our Kindergarten?

At ABSK, we take a holistic approach to kindergarten education.

    English Instruction

  • Receive direct instruction using modeled, shared and guided reading with age-appropriate texts
  • Practice concepts through activity centres
  • Engage in daily writing activities and receive on-going feedback to support understanding and improvement
  • Communicate their ideas and opinions orally, through drawing and simple sentences
  • Express their ideas and opinions using standard English
  • Actively participate in class discussions by taking turns
  • Engage in accountable talk using active listening and speaking strategies

    Mathematics Instruction

    • Develop basic counting, cardinality, adding and subtracting
    • Represent numbers using a variety of objects and strategies
    • Solve simple mathematical problems
    • Create and read tally sheets and pictographs
    • Recognize, draw, and name basics 2 and 3 dimensional shapes